Resilience & Resistance

web resources for faith leaders working for social justice

About December 6, 2011

“Resilience and Resistance” is an intersession course at Starr King School for the Ministry. This website is a public theological work – a collection of resources designed and provided by the faith leaders who took this course in January 2012.

Janie Victoria Ward writes, “optimal resisters are, in turn, resilient.” Central to this course’s goals is developing religious leaders who are “optimal resisters” to racism, oppression and white supremacy.

Geared particularly toward MDiv and MA students, this course places life stressors, safety and health in the context of oppression, white supremacy and social movements.

Through rigorous study, dialogue and spiritual reflection, students will understand the historical and cultural dynamics of stress and resilience, identify contextual factors and healthy strategies, and promote cultures of resistance in their ministries and activism.

Course readings and class discussion draw heavily from the scholarship from and lessons learned through movements led by people of color and poor/working class people.

Some postings are set to private while students access it to locate their readings and plan their final projects. When it goes live, it will be available to the public as a collection of web resources designed by seminarians for faith leaders involved seeking social justice.




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